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Social Media and Comedy Production

We provide social media and comedy production services for social change.


Social media and comedy are powerful tools for bringing about change and will help any campaign thrive.

  • Record and communicate your position and aims

  • Connect people with each other and the community

  • Demonstrate how activism can be appealing, rewarding and exhilarating

  • Bring media into the hands of the people

It becoming increasingly clear that social media and video are strongly influencing the success of grass roots campaigns and the comedic aspect is a game changer to getting the necessary engagement and reach.

For Communities

Make it happen

Whether you are starting a new community or building on an existing one, we can help you extend your reach, connect with allied communities, get your point across and become stronger.

For Campaigns

Improve your chances

A campaign has a start and an end, is intended to achieve an outcome of some kind. Social media can be a record, a call to action, communicate your cause, inspire and engage, represent your people, bring people in & together, keep them motivated & positive, provoke & challenge. Our work in campaigns involves becoming your internal media team while bringing our experience in activism to strengthen the cause.

For Events


If you're hosting an event with a purpose we can help you organise it as well as get the message out through vox pops, videoing at the event, getting photos with attendees, acting as your 'voice' on social media during the event, promoting the event, building a record and promoting your cause.

For Change

Keep it up

It's not always about the campaigns, events and groups. If you're working for change, you need to stay on top of everything that's going on and evolve as you go. Evolving your messages, bringing them to new audiences, connecting more dots and keeping people enthusiastic. Communicating and understanding what's come before and what's ahead. We can help you keep up the momentum with ongoing social media and campaign support.

For Laughs

Comedy production

Comedy is a great weapon for change. We can help you organise your show or act for festivals, tours, events and to help you develop your work to make a difference.

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