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As Social Media Producer, Sean filmed, edited and uploaded 76 videos with associated tweets and posts on Instagram as well as maintaining the Phil Cleary Campaign Facebook page. The videos in particular captured the character and passion of the candidates as well as presented the policies and ideas the Cleary Campaign wanted to promote. But it’s not just quantity, it’s also getting things out quickly and in an appealing form. The other aspect is getting input to the campaign from the voters – and with the City of Melbourne, people who visit or work in the city as fits Phil’s aim to be the people’s mayor. We interviewed and photographed constituents and shared their concerns, hopes and ideas about Melbourne to get their input and illustrate how the candidates intended to govern.

Sean is a key member of the Whistleblowers and Activists Citizens Alliance. Social media, especially video has been central in multiple campaigns, including the instrumental role of WACA in having the amendment to the Summary Offences Act (the so-called 'Move On' law) repealed by the Victorian Parliament. It is also clear that social media produced by Sean with WACA has an impact on the success of these campaigns and is a great way to harness community sentiment to put pressure on political decision-maker

See Sean's video work from the Tunnel Picket 

Cardinal Sins debuted at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and is continuing to show nationally. Frank Hampster is a survivor of growing up Catholic in Ballarat and Cardinal Sins is about his role in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse and his response to this horror through comedy. Jo provides production and publicity services for Cardinal Sins.

Hey Grandpa is a comedy showcase that has so far run at Melbourne Fringe and Comedy Festivals, featuring local and international guest comedians encouraged to bring their most radical material to the stage,  hosted by Sean Bedlam. Produced by Jo, Hey Grandpa received rave reviews and has definitely become an audience favourite for those who like to see comedy that makes waves.

Hey Grandpa, Sean Bedlam

Bully is Mick Neven's comedy about his childhood - being bullied and becoming a bully and as an adult how he made amends to his victim, his former best friend. With seasons at Melbourne & Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festivals and working with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Jo's role as publicist saw Mick on radio, television and with multiple articles and reviews in the media. Jo also provided the social media for the show with nightly snaps of audience participation a  favourite. 

Bully, Mick Neven

Who We Are

Social media and comedy for social change

Sean Bedlam is an activist, comedian and sculptor driven by pure, seething anger and resentment. He has been fucking shit up since the S11 protests in 2000 and became properly committed after Occupy Melbourne. A key member of WACA (the Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance) Sean has a social strategy that has been integral to the success of many recent campaigns, primarily using video as a weapon. Sean started making videos in 2005 and his comedic talents bring a unique and powerful angle to any deadly serious agenda.

Jo Bain has been consulting in Information Management since 2006 and more recently as a comedy and social media producer. Consulting has exposed Jo to many kinds of situations - as a consultant you are there to bring about change and she has worked extensively in business, government and the arts. She believes that effort to change is wasted when it is not intended to make something better - even if that is difficult and challenging. Jo likes to connect the dots and help others get their point across.

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